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Integrate your apps.

Create custom integrations to share data between your HCSS applications and your other applications.

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Build your own apps.

Create custom web or mobile apps to add even more functionality to your suite of products.

Find your inspiration.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Auto-sync with your accounting system.

Automatically create or update employees, jobs, equipment, skills, and more, whenever they are modified in your accounting system.

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Generate custom reports.

Combine data across multiple HCSS products to build custom reports in your reporting tool of choice. Your imagination is the limit.

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Build your own apps in-house.

Have a highly specialized workflow? You can build your own apps, using the same APIs that HCSS products are built upon.

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Work with the most trusted software in construction.

HCSS is the trusted leader in estimating, operations, and fleet software. We’ve been giving the construction industry a good tech shakeup since 1986! Today, we offer a robust suite of products that runs on desktops, tablets, and smartphones to help contractors bid faster, build smarter, and work safely.

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